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Comic for: January 6th, 2010
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Everquest: "As I Understand It"
Posted: Wednesday January 6th, 2010 by

Monday I mentioned that a couple of fans and I went and fought at C1 in the Plane of Fire. Before we got started, in typical "I need to fully understand my place in the group" fashion, I clarified each member's role.

Now Blood is actually a barbarian warrior that Dee was dual boxing. Between him and Dee's tank merc fribbit, Vam and I really had little we needed to do. Dee, an enchanter, would be pulling. Blood and the frog tank would be smashing everything to bits. Blood's healer merc would be keeping us all in the hp. Vam was ten levels higher than me so he was actually contributing. But me... I was really just improving my polearm skill and raking in AA's.

This conversation actually came earlier than Monday's comic. But, well... I didn't feel like drawing four characters Monday. **whistles**

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