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Comic for: October 8th, 2009
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Borderlands: "All This Blood II"
Posted: Thursday October 8th, 2009 by

Internet connection went out again on me last night. I had to wait until this morning to get started on the comic. So, I did my usual routine and found this article at Destructoid called 'How f'ing metal is Borderlands?' [more info]

Now, I'd seen the artwork for Borderlands before but I didn't know anything about the game itself. So I went about reading the article and found myself amused by the explanation of exactly how "f***ing metal" the game is. It's offered up by Mikey Neumann, the game's creative director. So, it's obviously biased. But it's a fun read none the less. Just hit the 'more info' link up there. You'll see what I mean.

Now, somewhat ironically, the videos I've seen of the game aren't that bloody. They're goopy with a reddish-brown, blob-like substance. But not really "bloody". From the description I honestly expected to have to sail through seas of blood in a boat made out of the bones of fallen angels, paddling along with the business end of a seventeen necked guitar that was powered by kitten souls and amplified across the ever burning planes of Gehenna by evil itself... or something like that.

But all I got was goop.

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