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Comic for: June 23rd, 2009
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World of Warcraft: "More Fire Catching"
Posted: Tuesday June 23rd, 2009 by

I mentioned yesterday that doing the Midsummer Fire Festival stuff in WoW had delayed the comic. Well... it did it again. I was told that with today's server reboot the Midsummer quests would be reset. So, if I didn't finish extinguishing/desecrating everything, I'd have to start from scratch after the reboot. That was not a proposition I was interested in. So I ran around until I finished everything but the Alliance capitals.

And because the reboot was used to put new code in place that reset the extinguished/desecrated flames so people that did them last year can do them again this year, I can run around and extinguish/desecrate everything for flowers and cash again. **grins**

Now as for the comic itself. I'm talking about the Torch tossing daily, where you run about trying to catch flaming torches as they fall. At times this can be tricky. And if you miss the torch it pretty much explodes, setting you on fire.

Once you get the hang of things the quest isn't bad. You just follow the shadow on the ground. If you stay just in front of it, you catch the torch, easy as cake. If there are a lot of people around though it confuses the issue and you get blown up far more often. Playing on the Horde side, I prefer to do Torch Tossing in Thunderbluff.


Those of you late to the comic today missed that I had to post an incomplete comic because I was running so late. I used the opportunity to do another live stream of me working on the comic though. I did record it, so if you're interested you can see it here:

NOTE: Future streams will be announced via the GU Page on Facebook.

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