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Comic for: March 13th, 2009
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Rockband: "A Minor Slip"
Posted: Friday March 13th, 2009 by

Speaking to Billboard.Com recently, Dhani Harrison, son of the Beatles' George Harrison, revealed that he was largely responsible for making "The Beatles: Rock Band" happen stating, "I took the project to Apple [Records] and sort of convinced everybody to have a presentation". Harrison also modeled some of the game's characters and proclaimed the title the "first one" to be "totally, historically accurate". "The Beatles: Rock Band" is scheduled for release September 9th of this year on the 360, PS3, and Wii.
Source: Billboard.Com [ more info ]

From the time I picked up the first Guitar Hero, I wondered if Beatles Music would ever make it into the game. Over the years I'd kind of given up hope. But then Harmonix, with the help of Dhani Harrison apprently, went an made it happen. I was going to say "that kid deserves a pat on the back", but he's almost as old as I am, so, uhh... that dude deserves a [beverage of his choice]... or some such.

I can't wait. I have no doubt Taks and I are going to drag our friends over and force them to play with us. At some point I imagine we'll have her parents over as well since they are both Beatles lovers and fake plastic guitar rythm game fans. (Her mom even has her own purple, custom guitar.)

The only thing I haven't decided yet is will I just buy the game or will I go after the $250 Limited Edition Premium Bundle? I don't really like the Rock Band guitars, but I'm guessing (at $250) the bundle is going to feature plastic version of classic Beatles guitars. We'll have to wait until the Limited Edition Premium Bundle details are finalized/confirmed before I can really make a decision.

Anyone else excited? Or am I completely alone in this?

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