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Comic for: December 16th, 2008
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Gaming News: "Sinking Ship"
Posted: Tuesday December 16th, 2008 by

Unlike the 360 and Wii, PS3 sales are down from last year. In an article examining the system's trouble, CNNMoney's Eric Krangel espouses his views on why it's "flopping so badly" and recommends "deep price cuts" as Sony's only option if they wish to compete.
Source: CNNMoney: Silicon Alley [ more info ]

Amid revelations of disappointing holiday sales and further layoffs, EA announced Dante's Inferno, a game based on Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy.
Source: Destructoid [ more info ]

Mix all that together, censor the word s**t, and you have today's needless EA bashing. Sorry EA folks that read the comic/writeup. It's not really personal; I'm just speaking for the gaming masses who bash EA with one hand while buying EA games with the other. But, I don't really play any of EA's titles. So I'm not qualified to judge either side's position. What I CAN say is that the idea making The Divine Comedy into a 3rd person action adventure game kind of makes my left eye twitch uncontrollably.

As for the PS3, I think Krangel's right. That system has needed a price cut since about a week after its release. I mean... who buys it for the Blu-Ray player now? The prices on those things, unlike the PS3, have come down considerably. And, where I thought LittleBigPlanet was going to break my resolve not to buy the machine, it simply hasn't. I'm content with what the 360 gives me.

Heated opinions in 3... 2...

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