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Comic for: November 11th, 2008
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The Zapper!: "We'll Hook You Up"
Posted: Tuesday November 11th, 2008 by

Days after announcing plans to close 155 stores [more info] Circuit City has filed for bankruptcy. The retailer will be using the chapter 11 filing to protect themselves while they reorganize. They also asked for the authority to continue operating its business and serving its customers while they restructure.
Source: Circuit City Newsroom [ more info ]

It used to be that the primary axiom for creating a successful business was "location location location". And that certainly seems true, it's just that almost every Circuit City I can think of was opened opposite and existing Best Buy. And now they might be suffering from their aggressive... positioning.

Okay so that might not be 100% true. It just seems like Circuit City opened most of their stores near a Best Buy. Truth might be that that's just where there was enough space for a large retail location. **shrugs** I dunno. Me and Circuit City don't play poker together on the weekends anymore. What I can tell you is that I don't feel comfortable in my local CC; whenever I go in, I feel pressured by their sales staff. And where they swear that they don't work on commission, I did learn recently from one of the sales guys riding my heels that the more he sells the more hours he gets scheduled to work. Pretty evil practice if it's true.

In closing, keep in mind that the Circuit City in the comic has not been zapped yet. He's just screaming toward the zapper. If they're lucky this reorganization will actually work. If you have any faith in the possibility, go buy stock. It's like 2 cents at the minute. Sure they might get delisted before the month is out, but you could demand stock certificates and get some cheap new wallpaper.

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