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Comic for: October 30th, 2008
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Woody & Ted: "You Know What You Did"
Posted: Thursday October 30th, 2008 by

When the NXE (New Xbox Experience) releases on the 19th it's bringing with it the ability to stream Netflix movies to your TV via your 360. The initial release lineup is only 300 high def titles, but it is presumed that Netflix's entire catalogue will eventually be made available. Netflix members will need an Xbox Live Gold account to make use of the service.
Source: 1up.Com [ more info ]

If I've not mentioned it before I love Netflix. And this just adds to my adoration. I had been considering buying the little device you attach to your TV to watch Netflix content when news started to dance around that they were working with Microsoft on "somehing". Like most other folks I assumed, given Microsoft's push to provide downloadable content above and beyond video games, that the whispers meant we would indeed be able to get Netflix DLC via our 360. I'm glad so many gamers, analysts, and news sites were correct in their guestimates.

So yeah, consider this my love letter to Netflix. I won't gush though. Cynical gamers tend not to trust gushing.

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