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Comic for: September 10th, 2008
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World of Warcraft: "Limits to my Maturity"
Posted: Wednesday September 10th, 2008 by

As you know I've been playing my mini-Rogue for a couple of weeks now. And I've long since been force to move out to the Barrens to continue leveling. **sighs** Ahhh "the same ol' content" for the 9th time.

Anyway, several times since I moved out to the Crossroads high level Alliance folks have rolled through laying waste to most of the village, usually starting with the flight path guy just to indirectly grief we low level Horde-ers. Contrary to the comic though, I don't really care. I'd rather it not happen but there's no point standing around whining about it.

Really this comic is based on an incident in Orgrimmar a few days ago. I was in the bank shuffling items around when a Paladin waltzed in dragging guards and drestroyed the bankers. He was holding out against the guards too until the high level folks came down from their PvP queues and blasted him to shreds. In the time it took me to type out my opinion that "I wish there was a /poop command so I could poop on his corpse" the bankers had respawned.

Now before I click the submit button here, I am going to take a minute to say...
On a PVE server one side should not be allowed to grief the other side unless they opt into PVP combat. Again I don't really care about the flight path guy. But I was escorting the blood elf from Northwatch Hold, and was almost to Ratchet with him when a Dwarf ran up and attacked him. Killing my follow mob "failed" the quest for me and I just didn't have the patience to start the quest over again... it's a long walk.

Today's Pimpage: The Paladin is quoting Hackers quoting First Corinthians.

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