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Comic for: September 3rd, 2008
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The Life of Ted!: "Old-Man Nostalgia"
Posted: Wednesday September 3rd, 2008 by

Quite a few people responded to my requests for a gaming shop that a GU Reader worked in that had the Infernal Contraption expansion for sale. One of those folks was GU's official #1 Fan, Colter, who works at Sarge's Comics in Connecticut.

Well, while looking around Sarge's website I found links to some old school Kenner Star Wars toys still in their original packaging. This find lead Richard and I to start talking about all the old toys we had. Toys long gone and, until just now, forgotten. Invariably we had to describe one particular kind of toy in the hopes that the other knew what the hell we were talking about. Richard described little spacemen with magnets in their feet. I described a toy spaceship that let you interact with a television program (through firing at these weird fuschia boxes on the screen).

In Richard's case we eventually found the name of the toys to be Starcom: The U.S. Space Force. In my case it was Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. Ah man the good old days. Anywho, we're both children of the 80's and though he's a few years younger our toy boxes overlapped quite a bit. I seem to have run into a good handful he'd never heard of before like Inhumanoids, Battlebeasts, and Centurions. Ebay searches showed us that they all could be had again. But honestly the memories are worth more.

So what toy do you remember having that the rest of us have completely forgotten?
Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a "Things That Glow" shirt from Threadless.Com.

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