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Comic for: August 13th, 2008
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The Life of Ted!: "Second Chance at Gold"
Posted: Wednesday August 13th, 2008 by

I'm a big fan of the olympicsl I can watch and enjoy almost any event. When a USA team member isn't present, I root for the underdog. But there's a natural situation irony involved with how I watch the Olympics.

See, while they are working thier asses off doing incredible things faster, higher, farther... I'm sitting at my desk or reclining on the couch eating a bowl of icecream. For that very reason, I imagined the slacker olympics two years ago. [more info] You know... if you're going to flop on the couch, add a twist, point your toes, arch and extend. If you're going to eat that bowl of icecream, eat it faster than you did yesterday. Careful though, eating icecream too fast has a high difficulty rating (associated with the potential for brain freeze).

In 2006 Ted took the gold in Zero Meter Lounging. This year he's lost a bit of his finesse. But with more events on the horizons Ted should be able to add a few more medals to the Slacker Gold pile.

So, with the idea of the Slacker Olympics in mind, what are your best events? Personally, the 5 Meter Fridge Rummage is sounding pretty good. Of course I'm upstairs at my desk rather than downstairs on the couch, so that's got to make it 10 meters at least maybe 15. Whew... that's starting to sound like a bit too much work.

**yawns, stretches, and fakes an ankle injury**

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