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Comic for: August 4th, 2008
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Reset Generation: "Just Some Artwork"
Posted: Monday August 4th, 2008 by

Three years ago, the folks at Nokia approached me about doing the concept work for a character in a game they were working on called Reset Generation.

The request was for a "level 50 elf" female. The design called for an "Everquest Box Cover Girl" with a "Magic Staff [and] Chain Mail Bikini". I mentioned my dislike of "chain mail bikinis" to the game's concept author/designer, Scott Foe, and he responded with a very valid point. The chain mail bikini wouldn't be iconic if it weren't overused and strongy associated with the rpg/mmo genres. Accepting that, and digging the idea of doing a concept piece for a game, I agreed. The comic shows the stages we went through from first sketch to finished product. I was very lucky in that they got what they were looking for in the second sketch. From there inking and coloring are a breeze.

Now, usually, I wouldn't share commissioned work. But ALL of the game's assets are going to be made available to the gaming public in the coming days. And by ALL I mean they are actually encouraging people to use the game's assets to create their own games, flash movies, etc. So, with that in mind, I figured it wouldn't hurt to toss up the original concept work. Meh, if Nokia/N-Gage doesn't like it, they'll just ask me to pull it down. No big whoop.

As for the game. It's basic but fun. Drop some blocks on the playing field, create combos to power up you special ability, use the your blocks to make your way to rescue the princess in your opponents castle, grab special items to aid in the rescue, etc. Each game only take a few minutes, and with phone in hand, it's pretty much a one thumb adventure.

The fun's not limited to Nokia owners however, Reset Generation is also available on the PC. As a matter of fact, you'll be able to play it right here on GU when Nokia unlocks everything.


As promised here's the GU embed link!

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