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Comic for: July 31st, 2008
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Age of Conan: "Was That So Bad?"
Posted: Thursday July 31st, 2008 by

In yesterday's patch notes for Age of Conan, FunCom let us all know that male/female damage has been "equalized". Meaning there would no longer be a "difference in damage dealt or the time needed to execute an attack based on what gender [the] character is".
Source: ConanVault [ more info ]

I've got to admit, I was pretty stunned that a difference existed. I mean, what's the point? Was it supposed to be considered realism? I can't say I want to be sworded by anyone, man or woman. Remember, this is Age of Conan; you sneeze, the mobs arms fall off, and blood goes everywhere. You know... completely realistic.

Post edited because some people don't understand the nature of the joke:
The issue with the amount of damage being done had nothing to do with stats related realism, it had to do with animation related realism. You'll notice my comments above don't make that distinction, and I didn't see where they needed to. There was a disparity between male and female damage, that issue has been resolved. And the point of my comic hasn't changed at all. In AoC it's best not to get hit by either gender.
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