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Comic for: July 7th, 2008
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World of Warcraft: "Awwwwkward!"
Posted: Monday July 7th, 2008 by

While I was doing one of the daily Midsummer Fire Festival quests in Hellfire Penninsula, I accidentally ran into the Shattered Halls key quest. The final step required that I "plunge" an unfired key mold into the remains of a destroyed Fel Reaver. As a sucky warrior I couldn't do this alone. I needed help. And despite what the comic says, I asked Layo.

Here's how the conversation actually went:
/who Layo
Layo is in Orgrimmar either wasting time or grinding pvp gear.
Grek: Hey Layo can a sucky warrior and a badass shaman take down a fel reaver.
Layo: How badass is the Shaman?
Grek: Depends on how high your opinion of yourself is.
Layo: Let me use the bathroom then I'll come help.
Grek: Hmm. A pretty high opionion of yourself then.
Layo: Ha ha Woody. You're the best. You're the whole reason I play this game. My life is better for having met you. I'm thinking of naming my first born son after you and everything you represent: Woody Lollipops McSunshine.
(Okay so maybe that's not 100% how the conversation went.)

Seriously though, why is Layo a badass? While I was coloring the comic, he was setting into motion a plan he'd come up with to 5-man Kazzak. Oh and yeah, we squashed the Fel Reaver. I now have another key I'll never use. Hooray.

Today's Pimpage: Layo is wearing "Tier 6 Shaman Skyshatter Raid Gear" from wherever end-game raiders get that crap.

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