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Comic for: June 19th, 2008
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Woody & Ted: "Yes, it's Real!"
Posted: Thursday June 19th, 2008 by

I don't know how I missed this. It's old news. I would have expected my dork senses to tingle or something. But apparently Nerf is going to make some video games, and one released concept image was of a nerf gun with a little canister for when you want to shoot darts or you can pop the WiiMote into it for the game. Yeah... I KNOW!
Source: Dvice.Com [ more info ]

So how did this news get past me? Well obviously I had a robot doing the comics in my place back in February when the news first dropped. And how did I find it 4 months later? I was was watching Ghost Hunters last night and an ad for a gadget site associated with the SciFi channel zipped by. As I dug through their archives I saw this title: "Nerf Blaster + Wiimote = The best toy ever?" Well, obviously I can't ignore that. So here we are.

The game, referenced in an EA financial report as Nerf N-Strike, should release fall of this year. [more info]
Feel free to begin your celebrations now.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a "Self-Sufficient" shirt from Threadless.Com.

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