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Comic for: May 30th, 2008
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Guest Strip: "Shoooes... SHOOOES!"
Posted: Friday May 30th, 2008 by

A while back the folks in GU Live chat and I had a brilliant discussion of zombies and shoes, wherein I proceeded to illuminate that if the zombie apocalypse ever befall us, I'd be first in line to be eaten. And because of my willingness to become a zomie I would prepare accordingly by wearing comfortable "walking aimlessly" shoes.

Chat participant K1llKano, used that discussion as the basis of today's guest strip. Here's what K1llKano had to say about his submission:
Hey Woody, I've been following you for a long time now and love your work and the laughs you provide. I know you get busy and all so I thought I'd do some work for you and I hope it's as funny as I thought.

I came up with the idea the other day in the GU Live stream when chat got turned onto what type of shoes a zombie would wear. The most comfortable that I could think of were moccasins.

The strip plays out that you have succomb to the Zombie hoard and now, with your endless days of wandering are off to find the shoes best suited for said travels. And what zombie can resist the urge for their favorite meal?

Text may be a bit wonky, so I sent you the .psd so your genious can improve the strip if you decide to take a day off and use it.


Now, being the zombie whore that I am, I do have a problem with this comic. It's one I've talked about on several occassions. Real zombies never say brains. Terrible B-movie zombies do. I'll let that go this once though, because K1llKano did such a goog job mimicking my style.

Please help me show my appreciation for submitting a guest strip by visiting K1llKano's DeviantArt page: http://www.d1u9c7k9.deviantart.com

Thanks again K1llKano!

Today's Pimpage: K1llKano ironically put Zombie-Woody in a "ZOMBIE PWNAGE" shirt from SplitReason.Com.

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