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Comic for: May 14th, 2008
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Gaming News: "Over Five Months Away"
Posted: Wednesday May 14th, 2008 by

This past Monday, Blizzard Entertainment announced the third installment in their self-promoting gaming convention BlizzCon. As with the previous two events, BlizzCon 2008 will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center and will highlight the company's Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo franchises. Scheduled for October 10th and 11th, tickets will go on sale in the next few weeks and will, again, be priced at $100 USD. More details will be made available as the event draws near.
Source: Blizzard Press Release [ more info ]

Ted might talk a good game but he knows what BlizzCon is. And where he can't physically attend, I hope to be strolling around the convention floor again myself. Sure we're unlikely to really see anything new. But, I'd be shocked if we weren't fed info on Diablo 3. And ultimately I could care less. Ignoring minor issues over badge retrieval, I love the environment. ConnectiCon may be the only convention I actively attend each year (except this year, sorry). But, gamers are my people. We click on a level that the Yaoi cosplayers and I never will.

Bah! Who am I kidding? It's the same group. But, at least at BlizzCon, I understand almost everything I see and don't end up having to ask "Hey what's your costume?" every 3rd person. (That's actually part of the fun in going to ConnectiCon. Tormenting Brian Clevinger is another.)

Speaking of torment, I didn't do a Live Feed last night. I just didn't feel like it. I think I may be too reclusive to really do it day in and day out. Sorry about that. [/tangent]

Today's Pimpage: Woody is wearing "My Other Shirt" from ZeStuff.Com. But really he was a good chap and bought it after visiting the GU store first and acquiring loads of GU related... paraphernalia!

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