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Comic for: May 6th, 2008
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Team Fortress 2: "Charge of the Medic"
Posted: Tuesday May 6th, 2008 by

You know, I bought the Orange Box, and I played through Portal, but every time I tried to install Team Fortress 2 it crashed my computer. This is likely the ONLY reason TF2 has not been in the comic before.

Well Monday morning I received an email from James C. about an issue he had begun experiencing after a recent patch.
Hello Woody!

TeamFortress 2 just came out with a new patch, mainly focused on encouraging people to play the least played class, "The Medic." The problem I see, is that now when I log in, over half my team is medics. You often see Medics healing medics, as there is no one else to 'UberCharge.' So my idea for a comic would be to see one Medic charging with his BoneSaw, with the entire background filled up with Medics healing him.

I realize it's only half an idea, but perhapes you could fill in the rest with witty commets =)

Thanks, James C.
Source: Team Fortress 2 Patch Note [ more info ]

I've always liked the art direction on TF2 so really this "joke idea" was an excuse for me to draw something fun. And that would be why there's so little text on the panel, just the game name and patch that spawned the problem. The idea was to give the patch a "title". I opened the floor to folks in the GU Live chat and where we all came up with some pretty funny options, nothing really fit perfectly.

In the end I decided to just leave the "patch title" off. I figure the artwork is strong enough to stand on it's own. Besides, this gives you guys the perfect opportunity to toss your card into the hat. Hell, if one really fits, I'll toss it on there.

Anywho, thanks James for the idea and thanks to the folks in GU Live chat for all the title suggestions.

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