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Comic for: March 11th, 2008
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Woody & Ted: "Has it been a year already?"
Posted: Tuesday March 11th, 2008 by

First it was Taks. And despite her best effort, it spread to the kid. And then, despite my healthy immune system, it spread to me. So now, the whole house has a touch of the crud. I guess it was really my time though, contrary to the title of the comic, I haven't been sick in several years. And at that it usually comes and goes in a day or two. This one feels to me to have some staying power though. Taks has been sick for about two weeks. The kid about one. I didn't get sick until yesterday.

Honestly though, I don't think Taks or the Kid made me sick. I have different symptoms than they did. I think I picked this up when we took Ash to the hospital the other night to check his breathing. (Don't worry he's fine.) Wasn't sick. Went to hospital with Ash. The next morning... sick. damn Hospitals.

Anywho, I'm hoping my case of the crud won't impact the comic too much. I almost just stayed in bed this morning. Almost. **whistles** And no, I'm not really having NyQuil induced halucinations. The comic just sounded better that way. I'm gonna start working on tomorrow's comic right now (the one originally slated for today) so I can move at a more leisurely pace.

Thanks for the well wishes I'm sure some of you will send. I'm okay; I promise. **grins**

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