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Comic for: March 4th, 2008
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Gaming News: "Idiot or eBay V"
Posted: Tuesday March 4th, 2008 by

Sony announced last week (2/25) that Phil Harrison, then president of SCE Worldwide Studios, would be resigning his position as of the end of the month. Speculation existed that Harrison would join Infogrames, Atari's parent company. That speculation was confirmed this morning in an announcement from the beleagured company. Harrison enters Infogrames as president and will lead a team tasked with "grow[ing] the Atari brand into a leading online game company.
Source: Gamasutra [ more info ]

Phil Harrison is one of those guys that seems to rarely really stick his foot in his mouth like some other Sony big wigs. **cough** Kaz **cough** As such, I can appreciate his position in the industry without choking back snide comments about his previous statements. But, I'm really not sure what he was thinking when he decided to leave Sony and accept a position on a sinking ship at Infogrames trying to save the Atari brand.

If it's passion, good on him. I can respect that. I assume he made enough cash with Sony to have a healthy nest egg if Atari completes it's slide into the gaping blue maw of the Zapper. So, it might not be that big a deal to him. And hey, if he turns it around, he'll be known throughout the industry as the guy who managed to get the beached whale that is Atari back into the water. In other words he'll move from being a respected member of the industry to being a legendary figure in the gaming world.

Now, despite my direct jab, I wish Phil all the best of luck. But if the rats all start running in one direction, run after them man. Run quick.

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