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Comic for: January 30th, 2008
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World of Warcraft: "Whatever You Want"
Posted: Wednesday January 30th, 2008 by

It seems that, no matter if we're winning or losing, there's always a few grumpy people complaining about the actions of other folks fighting in Alterac Valley. And, for the most part, I accept the unending stream of cursing and bad advice with a simple roll of the eyes. But sometimes I just can't help be be amused by the ranting. And, occasionally, I'll offer up a quip to try to calm the situation.

I'm particularly vulnerable to humorous spelling errors such as the one found in the comic. Yes... that's an actual quote. This guy ranted almost from the time the gate went up. Too many on offense. Too many on defense. Don't stop for Balinda. Why isn't Balinda dead yet? On and on and on. And all of it was riddled with spelling errors and leet speak. So by the time he asked for "heels", I couldn't help but offer to meet his demands.

What I don't understand is why so many people get so angry. Sure I'll shake my head and call people stupid. But I'm not about to spend half the instance screaming/typing at everyone else. That's just not going to help. I will however take a moment while I'm waiting for the spirit healer to rez me to toss out offers of flowers and occasionally to ask people to please not do something silly if they can avoid it. I try desperately not to judge folks too harshly though. I try to tell them to just enjoy the game, revel in the loss (it makes a good story), etc.

Of course the next time someone caps Snowfall when we're already struggling on offense*... frickin frassin frassle frakin!

(*it puts all of the Alliance folks that die above the IB choke to spawn in front of us)

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