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Comic for: January 21st, 2008
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Computer Attack: "It's That Time Again"
Posted: Monday January 21st, 2008 by

It seems to me that every six months something goes wrong with my computer. Now, I know that I abuse it. I hammer it hard with the amount of time that I keep resource whoring programs active on it. Sometimes I overburden the power supply. A couple of years ago it was an issue with a house that wasn't providing a consistant flow of energy to the computer (because of some stupid power saving system in the house we didn't know about).

This time it's just plain ol' wear and tear. The primary hard drive is just getting a bit grumpy for its age and errored out. A clever computer tech will make it all better.

For the moment I'm working on tiny laptop with limited access to my scanner and no access to the Cintiq. And all I've really lost is a day of emails. That's the beauty of backing up my important stuff on a regular basis. The only upsetting aspect about this sistuation for me is that I wasn't able to get the PVP items I wanted to get this weekend. Well that and I can't really get new, full color comics posted for you guys.

I'm hoping to have this situation resolved in the next couple of days. I'll try to atleast sketch you something each day I'm down. I love the angry computer (though I haven't used a CRT monitor in years). Anywho... until I'm back up and running at full capacity, please feel free to visit the newly re-opened GU store and buy goodies.

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