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Comic for: November 7th, 2007
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Guitar Hero III: "Going Down to Southpark"
Posted: Wednesday November 7th, 2007 by

Word hit the net a couple of days ago that, following in the successful shoes of the World of Warcraft episode, Southpark would be addressing the success of Guitar Hero in tonight's (11/7) episode "Guitar Queer-o".
Source: Comedy Central Press Release [ more info ]

Today's comic, like the cartoon it satarizes, is a parody. I think it's great that the guys at Soutpark studios are tapping into the geekdom surrounding certain mega-popular video games. The attention goes both ways. Gamer's are reminded that Southpark exists. And Southpark fans are introduced to WoW and Guitar Hero (if they weren't playing them already). It's a no lose situation.

Oh and that's supposed to be the Woody-ized version of Stan. Originally I'd sketched in Kyle because of the green hat. But, since the episode centers around Stan's interest in the game, I figured I should use him instead. For those of you that know/watch the show, you're familiar with that "I learned something" intro.

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