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Comic for: July 31st, 2007
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World of Warcraft: "Squished Flat III"
Posted: Tuesday July 31st, 2007 by

I completely cleaned out Hellfire Peninsula of the quests it had available for me, and moved on the Zangarmarsh and Terokkar Forest. But the Fel Reaver hasn't given up it's efforts to track me down and squish me. It's just that now, he has to be much more sneaky.

And, as many of you have suggested, he was probably getting tips from the Devilsaurs in Un'Goro anyway. So it's only natural that the Devilsaurs would give up their most prized super-sneaky secret... the Art of becoming a Tshirt Ninja!

I don't know where he got a tshirt that big, but I'd be willing to bet it's going to be effective on some poor soul that takes my place.

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