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Comic for: July 25th, 2007
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World of Warcraft: "Well That Stinks"
Posted: Wednesday July 25th, 2007 by

Okay, actually it's for some gold and dynamite. But dynamite can be used for fishing. **coughs**

To explain one of the first quests I ran across in Outland was a little goblin that wanted me to take a Fel Guard Hound, kill some Boars, let the hound eat the corpses which would cause him to poop. I then had to dig through said deposit looking for keys to a shredder the goblin has standing near by. The whole situation left me feeling very icky and and the gauntlets I was wearing just seemed tainted from that point on.

I replaced them as soon as possible.


Yes, I know there are other poop quests associated with the expansion. I'm sure some designer kicks back and belly laughs every time one of us mentions it, crinkling our collective noses as we do so.

Oh and, the troll shaman is Layotees. It seemed somehow appropriate to put him an a comic associated with poop.

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