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Comic for: May 18th, 2006
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Gaming News: "Secret Longing"
Posted: Thursday May 18th, 2006 by

Recently Justin Post, a Merril Lynch analyst, and Scott Steinberg, vice president of marketing for Sega, both illuminted upon their beliefs that the Nintendo Wii will likely be released at a $200 pricepoint. It should be noted that Nintendo, as of yet, has not released any news regarding the pricing of their upcoming console. George Harrison, Nintendo's Senior Vice President, did however say that "typically, pricing for a console launching in the fall won't be announced until August of September." The Nintendo Wii is expected to release Q4 of this year (2006). The safe bet would be that it will release in time for the holiday season.
Sources: Forbes [ primary info ] and [ secondary info ]

The more I look around the net, the more it looks like the hardcore gamers are the ones the most put off by the Nintendo Wii. But, I think they secretly long for it's innovative goodness. Personally, I admit openly... I want one. Initially I was concerned about the controllers; I thought they were just gimicks. But, the more I see the more I'm convinced that this could actually change gameplay as we know it.

I think too that, the more I play with the Guitar Hero controller, the more accepting I have been to the idea of using the Wii controllers themselves. And to those folks dismissing the controller because they feel, rather than skipping around your living room to play tennis, you might as well just go play "real" tennis, I say "piss off".

A person like me, who is round in the center and more than a little physically awkward, needs some motivation to move without being stared at while they flop around a tennis court, huffing, puffing, and generally sucking at the sport. In the comfort of my own home, I can do that and not feel like a spectacle. It's the same reason I have a Gazelle and a Bowflex. Besides... sometimes... it rains. That's not to say the controller will keep us from going to play sports outdoors. Nope, I can tell you first hand, if you love a sport you'll play it any way you can.

Another aspect of a game like Wii Tennis that folks with a limited capacity for change seem to be missing is this: with the Wii, I don't have to worry about finding someone to play with me. Presumably, we can log on to the Wii and play Tennis with people from around the globe, any time of day or night.

So yeah. I was hard on the Wii and it's controller in the beginning. But, I'm starting to come around. Hopefully other folks will start to come around as well. And, if not, maybe they'll atleast not put us down for our decisions.

My only concern is that I won't be able to pick one up on release day because of demand.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing an "NPC" shirt from ZeStuff.Com.

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