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Comic for: December 9th, 2005
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Gaming News: "Crunchy 360 Chips"
Posted: Friday December 9th, 2005 by

In a recent interview, some crazy Canadians stuck the screws to Microsoft Chief Executive, Steve Ballmer at Research and Innovation Conference. During the Q&A, Ballmer was questioned about the availability, or lack thereof, of XBox 360s. Specifically, "Why aren't you making more?" His answer was to blame shortages on limited chip supplies but did assure those in attendance that new systems were making it into stores each week.
Source: The Ottawa Citizen - [ more info ]

So, Microsoft initially blamed the shortages on the "global release" scheme and now chip shortages. A cynical gaming community swear it's a manufactured shortage designed to promote buyer frenzy. And me? I figure he's eatin' the chips or something.

Mmmm... Crunchy XBox360 Chips!
Now available in Mesquite and Ranch.

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