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Comic for: November 23rd, 2005
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Gaming News: "Think Departure"
Posted: Wednesday November 23rd, 2005 by

You'll recall my supposition that Tim Roberts, the founder of Infinium Labs (developer of the as of yet unreleased Phantom game console), is a scam artist. [ more info ] And one of the only thing he's done right was getting Keving Bachus to come on to the staff.

Kevin Bachus was one of key the folks behind orignal XBox launch and the only shred of credibility Infinium Labs ever had. Now, shortly after being named CEO and running his own internal audit of the the company, Bacchus has left Infinium to "pursue other opportunities".
Source: Gamespot [ more info ]

We're left to guess at exactly why Kevin left the company. But, we can pretty much rest assured that leaving to "pursue other opportunities" is an empty excuse roughly equivalent to rats fleeing a sinking ship. Meaning: When examing the results of his internal audit, Kevin probably saw all manner of retarded crap Tim had done while running the company. And, decided to leave the company before he got caught up in the burning wreckage of a company essentially in shambles, being held together with duct tape and bailing wire.

Again this is purely conjecture. And, for all I know, Kevin just left to get a sammich.


If you didn't catch the reference in the comic, it's part of the recent Arby's marketing campaign aptly titled "think Arby's" in which people are preoccupied by thoughts of Arby's food, and that is represented by a glowing red Arby's Logo hovering above their heads. The "French Dip" line is directly from one of their commercials.

Yes, I'm a victim of pop culture.

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