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Comic for: October 26th, 2005
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Dark Age of Camelot: "Sorry. Full Group."
Posted: Wednesday October 26th, 2005 by

We've all been there... standing outside a zone or something almost begging for a group. And finally, after what seems like forever, someone finally shows some interest.

So they run you through ever kind of stat you could possibly give them and it's all for nothing. The group is already full. Hell, it's probably BEEN full since before you started answering all the questions in the first place.

I can remember shouting my wares for an hour before giving up, running off to solo, or forming my own group. Not the same game as the comic; but, it probably explains why I'm so anti-PUG* these days. Well, that and I never know when I'll have to leave to get some work accomplished.

So yeah, thank Amberle for the idea (via Sanya).

* Pick Up Group

----- UPDATE -----

Thread Nerf

This thread is about DAoC. And, where I understand that everyone has LFG experiences from other games that they want to share, I ask that you please keep your comments about those games nuetral.

Say what you've got to say without making the commentary game specific. It minimizes the chances for derails.

I had to edit almost every post to this point. I ask that you please be kind to my "Edit" button and not ask that I nerf anymore.

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