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Comic for: August 23rd, 2005
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WoW: TCG: "Lag Card Tapped"
Posted: Tuesday August 23rd, 2005 by

A couple of days ago, from the floors of GenCon, the folks over at GamingReport.Com sent word that Blizzard would be teaming with Upper Deck to produce a World of Warcraft based Trading Card Game. [ more info ] The game is tentatively slated for a Spring 2006 release, and Upper Deck is working closely with WoW devs to ensure the game possesses the same emersive feel as the MMO. A later report presented info that UpperDeck may even be including special cards in the packs that could give you in-game goodness, such as appearance changes. [ more info ]

Now, I don't know how the actual game will work, but I figured I'd take a stab at potential gameplay anyway.

I figured any of you that have been hovering around Orgrimmar when the local uber guild turned in Onyxia's Head would appreciate the sentiment.


For those of you that might not be familiar with World of Warcraft... **raises an eyebrow**

Orgrimmar is the Orc City. It has the Horde side Auction house in it, so it tends to get a little over crowded. And then, occassionally, one of the big Raid Guilds will come rolling in to turn in the head of the slain dragon Onyxia. The result is a pretty nice buff for everyone IN Orgrimmar. So, word spreads quickly and even more people spill into the zone to try get in on the buff. If you're already lagging... it could mean getting booted. And, if you happen to be on a high population server during peak hours, getting booted means having to wait in a queue to get back into the game.

Worse yet is popping back in just to find out you got booted before the buff went off and missed it while you were sitting in the queue.

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