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Comic for: September 23rd, 2000
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EverQuest: "What do you think?"
Posted: Saturday September 23rd, 2000 by Woody

The strands of historical connectivity are beyond strained on this one, they've snapped entirely. So, I have no idea exactly what this was referencing, and I couldn't find any EQ forum posts or news archives that extend back beyond 2001. I did find some patch notes, coincidentally, from 9/23/00; but, they didn't have any information about any increase in charges. Apparently I responded strongly to this announcement by way of an Abashi marionette. I assume everyone else was upset as well.

Update from Havicck:
"This was about the first premium server. Can't remember the name of it. But it was supposed to be staffed by active GM and guide events on a regular basis."
Thank you Havicck!

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