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Comic for: August 11th, 2005
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Woody & Ted: "Lame Excuse"
Posted: Thursday August 11th, 2005 by

Recently, the chucklehead that blamed Grand Theft Auto after murdering three police officers and stealing a police cruiser was convicted of capital murder.Thanks for the link Benjamin09!

The "video games made me do it" defense may have failed said chucklehead; but Ted still applies it liberally as the situation calls for it.

Now, I certainly don't mean to make light of the case above. But I absolutely intend to try to illustrate how ignorant an excuse it actually is. The way I figure it, meh, what the hell? Might as well try to use it to get out of everything right?

Accidentally break your grandmother's favorite angel and cat addorned lamp? "Video Games made me do it."

Trip and invade another country wearing only your boxer shorts and waving a McDonald's flag? "Video Games made me do it."

If given the chance I definately blame video games for making me blame video games for my actions.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing the "Operation Needed" t-shirt from Threadless.

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