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Comic for: August 10th, 2005
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Planetside: "Not Frag,,, PEPSI!"
Posted: Wednesday August 10th, 2005 by

On August 1st, one of the SOE developers submitted this post to the Planetside forums, letting the community know that they were working on implementing in-game, "billboard style ads throughout the Planetside World". Thanks for the link Filan!

Now, where there is plenty of discussion about advertisement in Planetside, and games in general, on these forums and on the Planetside forums already, I figured it was about time for ME to throw some fuel on the fire.
You know... illustrate the fears of the community and crap.

Of course, in-game advertisement will never go that far (I hope). But, it would be nice to see SOE commit to the notion that this ingame advertisement will lead to free play, or spur further development for the game. All they've really "committed" to thus far is that they [SOE] are "constantly examinging the industry looking for ways to stay on top and also to be as innovative as possible". You'll note that this particular statement doesn't say anything about further development of the game. And it certainly doesn't say anything about the potential for free play.

My guess would be that SOE will use this to stem the bleeding. But, I'd like to hear from them exactly what their plans are.

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