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Comic for: July 28th, 2005
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Gaming News: "Lollipop Head"
Posted: Thursday July 28th, 2005 by

I know, I know... we've been positively innundated with news about the "Adults Only" rating being tossed onto Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the subsequent fallout. But, the lollipop heads have struck again.

This time around, because of the new AO rating, ebay has decided that GTA:SA auctions will be moved to the "mature audience" section of their site. [ more info ] Sharing that distinction is the porn, anime porn, bondage gear, sex toys, etc.

Now, at the same time, extremely violent video games, wherein the gameplay centers largely on the wholesale slaughter of other humans, dance marily in their non-restricted auctions amidst adult magazines printed before 1980, pirated compies of games, and the like.

I don't want to pull out any kind of soap box, I think I've done that ENOUGH lately, but it seems to me that the ESRB has their priorities screwed up.

So, beware those four off-colored pixels that make up the center of digital breast... they are violent dangerous things that could kill us all and bring destruction to the globe!

Today's Pimpage: "gta made me do it" t-shirt from 8-Bit Theater / RocketNinja

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