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Comic for: June 8th, 2005
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World of Warcraft: "Obvious"
Posted: Wednesday June 8th, 2005 by

I wanted to write a comic that commented on the BattleGrounds expansion to WoW. But, for some odd reason, there wasn't anything funny about it. I'm sure those of you that got shuffled around in a 10 on 10 queue for three hours can relate.

I also blame getting ready to leave on yet another trip. My attention was on wrapping up urgent details, packing, etc. not on trying to find "the funny". So, in cleaning up everything, and getting some panels mailed out, I found a piece of paper that had in-guild jokes I'd jotted down from months ago, before I had to dissolve Bloody Plunder and Stumpcutter Brigade. Anyway, sitting here staring at the screen wasn't doing me much good, so I'm really glad I stumbled across it.

So, the joke you see there took place between two folks in the guild. I only editted the conversation a slight touch. It was just such an obvious answer to a seemingly unrelated question that it struck me as "really funny".

Thanks Sabel (and Fari). Your chatter shortened my evening considerably.

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