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Comic for: May 19th, 2005
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Live from E3: "Professionals"
Posted: Thursday May 19th, 2005 by

E3 Day One started with a BANG! And, by "BANG" I mean a tiny nearly inaudible whimper. The power went out and my first appointment, Funcom (Anachy Online), was still suffering the ill effects. They had to cancel. I did did talk to the Game Director, Morten Byom, about the upcoming expansion though. I'll get you the full details when I get back home and can process everything.

Before my meeting with FunCom though, I took a stroll through Nintendo's "booth"... which was basically one big open floor plan of goodies. One of the first things I saw that I felt was news worthy, was info about the DS using voice over IP. Basically, turning your DS into a phone.

Shortly after that I stumbled across the GameBoy Micro. It was a little smaller than the Ipod mini, with a sleek design, and a crystal clear screen that was impressive considering its size.

From FunCom I ambled over to check out the Xbox 360. The pictures don't really do it justice, and it's smaller than it appears. Though, it's still no slimline PS2. And the controllers are pretty much the same oversized clunky devices they've always been. They are wireless atleast, and have a button on thm to turn off your Xbox from across the room.

Then it was off to visit Sigil. Brad, Jeff, and Jon Grande, lead product planner for Microsoft Game Studios, sat me down for a Vanguard private demo. Again, I'll get into more detail about the game when I get home, but I did finally get to see the "armor". Impressive stuff. You could feel Keith's style all over it. They walked me through some of the crafting too. Impressive impressive stuff.

An hour and a half later found me in the Mythic booth, getting a preview of Imperator (VERY nice graphics) and going over the upcoming DAoC expansion. They invited me back for a picture later that day. I'll get to that in a bit.

After a disappointing viewing of Dark and Light, I headed back up to Mythic, was invited into their private party, and got to play witness to an announcement that was quite unexpected. Mythic is going to be working with GameWorkshop to bring Warhammer Online to the gaming public. [ more info ] I really wasn't expecting that one.

Just before 6 I ran into some of the folks from the Safehouse, we met up with some folks from Sigil, one of the guys from my Local Rhino and a couple of his fellow Westwood Gaming College buddies and went off to have some dinner. The semi impromptu gatherings are always the best!

After the dinner, I was off to the Gods & Heroes party at some interesting club called Element. The place was decked out in Roman fashion, complete with serving wenches, centurions in full battle regalia, trays of bread, cheese, and grapes, etc etc etc. No one had on name tags, so I rolled my eyes and prepared to leave early. But, just as I'm deciding to bite that $40 bullet (cab ride to and from) some people realize who I am, and I spend the next 2 hours screaming over ridiculously loud, terribly over-bass-ed dance music.

And that is where the comic originated. I was talking with Joseph Blancato from WarCry (that's a terrible sketch of him in the comic), and he mentioned that two ladies near the bar were "professional". Given their attire and their actions... I agreed with his assessment. A few drinks, a few hand shakes, and a few geeks dancing later, I was calling it a night. I embellished the conversation for the sake of "the funny". And now it's time to go to sleep. I've got another full day tomorrow including a 1 hour stint at the Blizzard booth.

Just keep checking in on those moblog pictures. I try to remember to take a shot or two whenever I use my regular camera. Until then, stop by radio.gamerifts.com, I bumped into Div at the Gods & Heroes party and figure I might as well give him a little pimpage here on my way out.


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