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Comic for: May 18th, 2005
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Live from E3: "Foot Wuss"
Posted: Wednesday May 18th, 2005 by

It's a sad thing to admit, but by the time I got to the airport, my feet WERE already hurting, and I hadn't really even begun my day yet. I just figured I'd let Ted be the pansy instead of myself because... you know... I can.
HEY! Don't judge me!

I walked all over the place yesterday, and I actually think it was the inserts I bought to help with foot ache that caused the problem. Arch support was too rigid or something. My footsies felt a lot better after I removed them.

At any rate, please forgive the suck ass quality of the "sketch". I don't have a scanner with me, so I had to ghetto "scan" the image using my camera. Somewhere between the colors on the laptop being off, the camera not getting enough light DESPITE the flash, and using an older copy of Photoshop than I'm used to, the image really turned out quite crappy.

Now, the blue logo and border being all sketchy looking is intentional, to match the sketchyness of the comic. But, given the quality, I'll make sure to get you guys better scans of the sketches once I get home and can do everything properly.

Tomorrow REALLY begins the marathon that is my E3 schedule. And, I promise not to complain about my feet hurting again. Though I reserve the right to grumble about back and shoulder pains, etc etc etc. **grins**

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