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Comic for: March 24th, 2005
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God of War: "Waiting on the PSP"
Posted: Thursday March 24th, 2005 by

The hype over God of War has been filtering in for a while now, and since it's release Tuesday reviews have been pretty glowing. [ more info ] So, I'm putting this one on my VERY SHORT "buy it" list.

In the game Kratos (the half naked guy in the comic) is tasked by the gods to stop Ares from destroying Athens. But the game opens with out "hero" questioning the gods and then tossing himself off the tallest mountain in Greece.

Well, I figured I'd use the comic to answer his query in my own way. As most of you know the PSP is being released here in the states TODAY (3/24). And like the consumer whores we are, people had already lined up to be the first to get their hands on one. And me? I feel like a dork because I forgot to go down to my local Rhino and give their demo unit a whirl last weekend.

Oh and since we've been talking the last few days about skimpy outfitted video game models and such, I figured this particular game served as a great counter point to my own assertions. See Kratos there pretty much runs around beating the piss out of people all while wearing a loin cloth. Go go equal opportunity nakedity!

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