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Comic for: March 16th, 2005
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Super Monkey Ball: "Whoops!"
Posted: Wednesday March 16th, 2005 by

I saw some news over at Gamespot that Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball II, once limited to the GameCube, is slated to be released together on the XBox and Playstation2 as "Super Monkey Ball Deluxe". [ more info ]

Now, seeing such a cute little graphic for the game, and then reading about it's generally cheery disposition... I couldn't help but inject some of my own brand of sickness into the game. I can't help it. **grins**

Anyone played Super Monkey Ball? Been frustrated with the precision needed to complete certain levels only made worse by the bubblegum-rainbow happiness of it all? Kinda like that stupid dog laughing at you in Duck Hunt.

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