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Comic for: March 2nd, 2005
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Woody & Ted: "Thousand-aire Biatch"
Posted: Wednesday March 2nd, 2005 by

I got an email two weeks ago; the subject read "Comic Ammo". This email was from the Okratas Webmaster and was a link to a writeup they had just done about Ogaming, and thus Thottbot, being owned by the same company that "owns" IGE. [ more info ]

That same day Okratas posted an interview with Cindy Bowens, the Community Manager at Sigil. Cindy layed out, in no uncertain terms, Sigil's view of the seconday market. She also layed bare their refusal to support sites that advertise in-game item sellers. The tone of the interview showed that the interviewer harbored a decent anti-secondary market bias as well. [ more info ]

Not a week later, it was announced that a large portion of the Vanguard Community sites had been purchased by a "third party". [ more info ] The wide spread community purchase seemed to be an obvious retaliation to the interview. And a small amount of "asking around" revealed that Okratas, the people responsible for revealing the whole mess to me in the first place, was one of the sites that had crumbled under the monetary promise and sold out.

Now, it's hard to fault people for selling out when you know they have real life issues to contend with. But, it's really hard to stay out of the mix, when it seems the whole thing tastes of hypocrisy.

I've intentionally let this topic go for a couple of weeks in the hopes that things would calm down a tad. But, being me, I had to address it eventually. So, I figured since GU would never be bought by one of these companies, I'd have them play dirty (since they have proven to be substantially capable of doing just that) and buy Ted. And, you guys know Ted... the picture of moral ambiguity.


Now, I know this is a hot button issue. And, I generally lock threads about it the second they start to HINT at getting ugly and this thread won't be much different. But, instead of being locked, posts will be removed, and some people, doubtless, will be suspended.

The way to avoid this, is by discussing the topic in a mature manner. Stay constructive. Try to look at the topic from ALL sides. Don't take other people's comments personally. And, don't repeat yourself in an effort to clarify your point.

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