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Comic for: January 17th, 2005
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EverQuest: "Load of Crap"
Posted: Monday January 17th, 2005 by

Sometimes, I KNOW I've gone TOO far. But, my good sense is occassionally overwritten by my immediate response to something. And this comic really is a response to more than just the "re-envisioning" of classes in EQ. But, for the sake of putting up as little text as possible, I limited the scope of the comic itself.

NOW, before you respond to this post, remember that there is a rule on these forums about not being negative if you can't be mature enough to be constructive. I'll not tolerate this thread spiralling down into angsty SOE hate. That's NOT what it's here for. If you HAVE to post something like that... go ELSEWHERE.

That being said, my rather cynical response comes at the end of having read Brenlo's Class post, then reading Pfister's Producer's letter, and finding out recently that the new PC models we were promised by the end of last year have been scrapped indefinately.

A LOT of good has been done since the Guild Summit. I credit SOE for that most sincerely. But, a graphics overhaul is beyond the stage of "would be nice to have" it has become a requirement. EQ is showing it's age. I mean look at DAoC. They've revamped their zone graphics a couple of times now, and with their recent expansion, Catacombs, they finally revamped their character models as well. EQ isn't lagging behind, they're getting lapped.

If SOE is looking for ways to draw attention back to themselves, they could start by making changes to the old world graphics, and updating the PC models so they aren't so clunky and polygon-intense. I know that a HUGE and costly undertaking. But, so is slowly losing your player base to the new MMOGs out there.

I'll admit openly that I haven't played EQ in a long time. And, there's way more reasons than I really want to go through here. But, I really would like for it to remain a contender. Pfisters letter says that EQ is "still setting standards in the industry". But, I just don't see it. I want to! But, I don't.

And classes, well, the community leaders have been asking SOE to define class roles within a group for a long time now. Having that kind of document would greatly reduce all the complaining anytime a class is improved or "nerfed". Having a document of exactly what the roles are would let us weigh our abilities against the definition of our class rather than weighing ourselves against the abilities of other classes.

Defining the roles and making changes to fortify those definitions is a fundamental change to the game that is LONG since overdue.

As for the comic, I know it's a little gross. And, I kinda apologize for that. But, I wanted to make a point as much about being cynical as about being critical of the seemingly obvious. A goodly portion of the EQ community has become so disillusioned with the game, that it holds little of it's initial splendor any more. We've become so jaded that even the positive things that are announced are met with a kind of malaise and disbelief. But, from some people's viewpoints, SOE has never really lived up to the customers needs. Or, when they have, it has come far too late. **shrugs**

It's an uphill battle SOE has to fight right now. And, the ONLY way they will overcome the obstacle is if they really start listening to their community. And shed the fear of making massive, sweeping changes to the game. It's a new MMO world out there, and change is necessary to keep the old beast FRESH in the minds of the people that are paying to play it.

Again, I ask that you keep this thread clean. I've got a fully charged ban stick and I'm not afraid to use it.

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