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Comic for: December 22nd, 2004
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Battle for Middle-Earth: "Poopy: Ant Substitute"
Posted: Wednesday December 22nd, 2004 by

As if the stick guy from the Poopy comics wasn't simple enough... now I have a talking black dot in the comic.

Here's how it came about, a person from the boards here works at EA and got me a really good deal on Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth. Well, the package arrived today, and after I installed the game, I played until nearly 3am. Of course I had no idea it was that late. But, I tend to get that way with good RTS'. And, when the clock hits 3am and there's no comic already drawn and colored... you can be assured that there will most likely be a Poopy comic.

Since I was enjoying the game so much though, I thought it might be more humorous to go so far as to have Stick Guy being addicted to the game as well. But, that begged the question: if your simplist character is too busy/tired to say Poopy, who could possibly fill in the role? So, I figured what the hell and tossed one of my "ants" in there. Making him a black dot, and thus even more simple than the Stick Guy, is as much a jab at myself as anything.

And please note, I haven't seen an ant since the other day.

Now, to offer a bit about the game...
Sure, I've played it too much tonight already, but it's still not quite enough to get a full idea of the scope of the game yet. I'll most likely write a full review of the game sometime next week.

So far my experience had been a tad mixed. I love the graphics. They're slick and up up to some pretty close scrutiny. Though the landscapes leave a little to be desired. The build process at this point is relatively simple, so you hardcore RTS'ers may grumble through the early stages of the game. Not to mention, I found my tactic for dealing with most obsticles has been to zerg rush with everything I've got. Granted I'm playing through the initial phases with the difficulty set to "Easy" so I can get a better feel of the game. As I've probably mentioned before... I SUCK at all games.

The sound in the game is good, the voice overs are performed, for the most part, by the actors themselves. And the few that are missing, are so close you'll likely never notice. The UI is slimmed down and easy to use. Excessive mouse movement had been limited, so that actual gameplay is easier to manage.

My biggest criticisms of game are more about "convenience" than anything. I haven't found a way to play the game in a window. You can alt-tab out, but that kinda annoys me. There also doesn't seem to be any way of "esc"aping to skip cinematics you've already seen before. Exitting out of the game is somewhat of a chore as well as the option to exit is only made available once you're actually IN a campaign. And then, instead of exitting the game like you expect, you're taken back through the main menus, where you have to "back" "back" "back" out of the game before it finally closes down.

Again, this is a very short piece of commentary on the game, I'll do my best to get a full review up ASAP.

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