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Comic for: December 21st, 2004
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EA Games: "Monopol-EA"
Posted: Tuesday December 21st, 2004 by

Two news posts came out of the EA empire this after noon that really got the attention of the gaming community. The first informed us that EA had purchased 19.9% of UbiSoft. [ more info ] The second let us know that they (EA) were still pushing for the DICE takeover they'd initiated a few months ago. ~ Gamespot [ more info ]

It just seems to me that EA is making an unadulterated push to monopolize the gaming industry. And that's where Today's Comic comes from. In my opinion the joke wrote itself. And honestly, I'm giving the comic maybe 12 hours before either EA Legal or the EA PR Team comes and steamrolls me to make me take the comic down. Who knows though, maybe GU is still small enough to fly under the radar, and never come to their attention.

Anywho, EA was already suffering the backlash over their NFL licensing buyout and these two new articles really stir the pot for them. A lot of people are on their highhorses preaching the evil that is EA, completely ignoring the fact that EA is a business. And these moves... are all about making money. Can we really fault them?

Now, I'm not exactly sure what set off this EA buying craze, but I'd be willing to bet you, it's not over yet. And the ultimate outcome? More money out of our pockets. These moves will eventually work their way down to effect the bottom line. When that happens, the costs of our games will start climbing. And with as much power as EA is amassing, there won't be much any of us will be able to do to stop it.

The whole thing just seems to make the title of my previous writeup ring even more true:
EA Games: Purchase Everything

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