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Comic for: October 25th, 2004
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Scrapland: "Original Ideas"
Posted: Monday October 25th, 2004 by

Anyone that knows me, and has bothered to ask (operative phrase), knows that I'm NOT a fan of American McGee. He is what I loving refer to as "a hack". Sure people have glopped praise and glory on his head, but all I've seen from him is: taking someone elses ideas throwing a gothic, evil twist to it, and spitting it back out.

Don't want to believe me? Lets look at his project list:
American McGee's Alice - gothic, evil Alice in Wonderland

American McGee's Grimm - gothic, evil Grimm's Fairy Tales (like the TRUE originals weren't evil enough.)

American McGee's Oz - gothic, evil Wizard of Oz (pre-Dorothy, but still)

Bad Day LA - his description seems to indicate that it's pretty much a rip off of GTA

American McGee's Scrapland - robot murder mystery? Who did that better than Asimov? (If I'm wrong someone PLEASE correct me.)

Now, I'm sure there's plenty of you out there that like American McGee's work, and that's perfectly cool. I'm glad a brother's gettin' paid. But, for my $50 I want something that's atleast a tad more original. (Pshhh... virtual inpossibility these days huh?)

I honestly expect American's next project to be...
American McGee's Dick and Jane: See Dick Die
And for those of you interested, the picture on his shirt is a "dill weed". I'll let you come to your own conclusions.

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