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Comic for: October 22nd, 2004
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Planetside: "BFR: Crap!"
Posted: Friday October 22nd, 2004 by

Today's Comic was submitted by UpYours.

For those you not in the "know", SOE's Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter, Planetside has just been updated to include BFR's (BattleFrame Robotics) or Big Freakin' Robots.

Now, technically this isn't an expansion. It's part of purchasing Core Combat. But, folks will probably be lulled into buying "AfterShock" believing otherwise. Aftershock is simply the Original Game plus the Core Combat expansion. If you have the original game and the CC expansion, you don't need to do anything more than patch to get your little gamer fingers on the Giant Mechs.

Now, I haven't played Planetside in a really long time, so I can't speak as to the battle might of these massive mechanical monsters. I'll leave the discussion to the folks that are currently playing the game.

I just agree with UpYours that BFRs really needed to make a GU appearance.
Like Pirates... I like drawing mechs.
Especially if the drawing brings the word "SPLAT!" to mind.

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