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Comic for: October 19th, 2004
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EverQuest II: "EQ3"
Posted: Tuesday October 19th, 2004 by

I've gotten a considerable number of emails from disgruntled EQ2 Beta Players lately. And, I've talked about the subject more indepth with Kudane from EQInterface.

Today's Comic is supposed to hint at how we seem to get a news update about some new SOE "thing" whenever the hype starts to wear off off the previous new "thing" that had our interest.

Now, basically there are a few main gripes in the beta tester community regarding EQ2 thus far. Chief among them "It's being rushed". And, I'd be willing to bet that if you cornered some SOE folks working on the project and got them to answer some questions, you'd find that some of them feel it's being rushed to release too.

Some other issues? Right now the game is suffering some lag and stability problems. Some people are feeling that there is no disparity between race class combinations; they're too generic; and, the low levels are a cookie cutter recipe that doesn't inspire much diversity or race specific "goodness".

Another painful issue that's being brought up is that folks are unhappy with the start of the Market system. Like the Bazaar in EQ, you have to be online and you can't leave your house. So, you can redecorate while you're peddling your wares... push your couch across the room, dust the book shelf. But, you can't step outside for a breath of fresh air.

Now, all of these observations come second hand from people playing the game. I can't test it because my computer skirts the bottom rungs of the "required system specs". And I just can't see myself turning all the graphics down to nothing just so I can log in.

Make note though, that in talking with the all powerful Gallenite, he said they're adding in all kind of cool stuff soonish. Of course I joked that it had to be soonish consider the proposed release date. But, the beta testers in the crowd should rest assured that more is coming that migh change your feelings.

With that, I'll close by saying the guy on the right is supposed to be Steve "Moorgard" Danuser. And, there is currently no such things as EQ3.

--- editted to add ---

Smedley has addressed the concerns of the community in a post on the EQ2 forums. Please note that his comments were posted on the 16th, long before the comic and this writeup were even considered.


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