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Comic for: September 27th, 2004
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Rome: Total War: "Cardboard Centurion"
Posted: Monday September 27th, 2004 by

Rome: Total War, by all accounts, is probably one of the best RTS's on the market right now. There is a Demo available. I encourage you to play it for yourself.

As for the comic... I figured it was the perfect excuse to allow Ted to run amok with duct tape, cardboard, a Sharpie marker, a batting helmet and a feather duster.

Originally the comic was going to focus on characters from the game offering up cleverly disguised information from Romes victories and defeats, but I decided it was too much text, and figured no one would really want to read a comic and get an impromptu history lesson. So, I pushed forward with the now common comic question: WWTD? (What Would Ted Do?)

Today's comic, I think, answers that question in regards to Rome: Total War.

PLEASE feel free to make your own Cardboard Centurion Outfits, take pictures, and show us all! You guys know how much I value your creativity and willingness to play along.

Today's VISIBLE T-shirt: I'm wearing the WYSIWYG T-shirt from ThinkGeek.

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