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Comic for: August 18th, 2004
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Planetside: "Hang in There"
Posted: Wednesday August 18th, 2004 by

When all the info about SOE blowing up Auraxis (the game world in Planetside) started coming out, today's comic was the first thing that came to mind: some poor schmoe hanging on the tiniest piece of remaining rubble floating in the vastness of space.

Well, the worlds aren't really completely destroyed. And, the explanation of what happened is a little confusing. But, I couldn't resist the simple "crap" strip which harkens back to the Sarlac Comic (Thanks Rimedragon).

Of course the over all feel of the comic reminds me of those silly motivation pictures with the cat dangling on a branch beside the words "Hang in There".

Anyway I've done a horrible job of explaining, so I'll ask John to elaborate for me; he seems to be our resident Planetside Guru.

There is also some info already in the boards here:

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