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Comic for: August 17th, 2004
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Fable: "Suck Up"
Posted: Tuesday August 17th, 2004 by

I've made no secret of my distrust of Gamespy and IGN. And, my recent read of IGN's writeup covering Fable only enhances my suspicions.

Fable is an RPG that's on the verge of going gold for the X-Box. It's been hotly anticipated (by those who care) since it's original mention back in 2001. But, after all this time, for someone to preview the game for a handful of hours then write a 12 page disertation... something's up. My guess is that this is yet another bid for advertisement dollars and free copies of the game upon release. That's pure speculation based on intense bias though. So, you'll have to take the comments with a grain of sand.

And, my comic about the subject is no less prejudiced. But, hey, how often do I hold my tongue? **shrugs and grins**

It's this unfair viewpoint that keeps me from linking the article as well. I don't want this site generating traffic for IGN. You'll be able to go and find the article easily enough, I'm sure.

This is NOT to say that the game isn't worth good review though. Hell, it probably will push the envelope for Console RPGs. I just don't think the game is currently worth a 12 page preview. It uh... seems a little bit much.

So yeah, please forgive my distrust and bias and go and check out Fable for yourself.

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