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Comic for: August 3rd, 2004
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Adventures of Vhah: "Being Tested"
Posted: Tuesday August 3rd, 2004 by

I know I don't usually toss in non-funny strips. But, I was sketching and wanted to get this out. See how you guys felt about an occassional ongoing storyline comic. They wouldn't be back to back, but would be probably come a few days apart. I dunno... maybe one a week?

It was kind of a toss up as to whether I wanted to leave the artwork sketchy, or to refine the lines. In the end, I decided to stick with the sketchy image to kinda differentiate it from other GU panels.

As many of you know my characters are an extension of me. And in the absence of a joke I got a little introspective. So, the comic is like a small telling of what my day was like and from a further vantage point what producing GU is like. I beat down and beat down and beat down the problems, struggle through the worries, and side-step the concerns (evasive). I just keep trudging through it all hoping things will eventually turn out for the better realizing that it's pretty tough for things to turn out worse.

For the most part I try to remain positive and focussed on a beneficial outcome. But, occassionally I let myself slip into a depressive funk. Usually it doesn't last long. If we hold on to the negative we are stunting our own ability to succeed. So, yeah.

In closing, I'll link you to the full sketch for the comic. I liked it... but Vhah was too small when I tried using the entire thing. So, I had to crop it a bit closer.

http://www.gucomics.com/temp/0803_sketch.gif (95K)

Oh yeah... and be sure to let me know if the storyline comics will be okay or not and if they should stay sketchy or be inked.

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