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Comic for: July 20th, 2004
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Horizons: "Lack of Hoard"
Posted: Tuesday July 20th, 2004 by

I was working in the in Web Dev for a national ISP when the internet bubble burst. They struggled through and tried to maintain, but the fact was they'd over extended themselves. They "streamlined" the company (read: layed people off), then later filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection while they reorganized, restructured, refocussed and various other re- words.

Now, the point of that little story is that, when GU reported David Bowman's assertion that Artifact was "streamlining" but nothing would really change, I, like many you, already saw the writing on the wall.

It came as no suprise to us AE announced they were filing Chapter 11. What comes as a suprise is that another company is interested in buying out the product. It came as even more of a suprise that they would say it won't affect those currently paying to play the game.

Now, Chapter 11 isn't as horrible as it sounds, it's protection against the demands of those companies AE is indebted to. This gives AE the time to negotiate ways of paying off what they owe without the companies taking control, liquidating their assets, and trying to recoup as much of their loss as possible. More often than not, Chapter 11 allows a filing company the breathing room, in the form of time, to restructure and stabalize the company. Or, in this case, time to find someone willing to buyout the game.

In any case, it is highly unlikely that the players won't be affected. It's just mildly tragic that they're being lead on like this, strung along for their cash as long as AE can collect it.

Now, I don't actually expect Horizons to tank. I mean, hell, Shadowbane is still around. And, even Anarchy Online rose up out of the ashes to be a decent game.

I'm prepared to wait this one out and see what's what. But, I'll go ahead and warm up the "game zapper" just incase.

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